pen tablet fun # 1

this is the pic i made last night, after about 5 minutes setting up the tablet, a couple more to install GIMP (which i somehow didn't already have on here!), and then like THREE MINUTES of actual drawing (pretty much all, if not completely all, was done with the "airbrush" tool in GIMP)


Bill Gauch said…
Umm, you got a pen tablet? You planning on another crazy get-not-rich scheme that will/would be fun but you will loose interest in a week or two? Not that I'm faulting you for that personality "feature." I could make a list of all the things I have started and not finished. In fact, I think I will:
JeremyVS said…
lol no, no scheme... i've just always wanted to try one, and when woot had one for $30, i couldn't pass it up! i've been playing around with it for the past couple nights, and it's pretty fun!

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