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Story: SM-7536: Part 4 (Webcomic Special!)

Confused? Start here: Story: SM-7536: Part 1

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pen tablet fun # 1

this is the pic i made last night, after about 5 minutes setting up the tablet, a couple more to install GIMP (which i somehow didn't already have on here!), and then like THREE MINUTES of actual drawing (pretty much all, if not completely all, was done with the "airbrush" tool in GIMP)

another one bites the...sketchup?

finished this one yesterday, forgot to post it until now. i think it came out much better than my first desk, don't you? (this one is my desk at work... i sketched out the shape/dimensions at work, and made the model at home)

the "black" sections are supposed to be a shiny-looking metal, but there was no matching material in SketchUp (even after adding the materials bonus pack)... and since i was neither motivated, nor properly equipped, to attempt to take a picture of the surface of the desk to make at texture with, i cropped out a piece of another picture (the back of a PSP, actually), to use instead