another one bites the...sketchup?

finished this one yesterday, forgot to post it until now. i think it came out much better than my first desk, don't you? (this one is my desk at work... i sketched out the shape/dimensions at work, and made the model at home)

the "black" sections are supposed to be a shiny-looking metal, but there was no matching material in SketchUp (even after adding the materials bonus pack)... and since i was neither motivated, nor properly equipped, to attempt to take a picture of the surface of the desk to make at texture with, i cropped out a piece of another picture (the back of a PSP, actually), to use instead


Bill Gauch said…
I like the Berber carpet on the back wall. I have to point out that the grain of the wood is going the wrong direction and is not quite dark enough. Also, I must say, "Suuuurrrreee. You did the model at home. Uh huh. :)
JeremyVS said…
well the "carpet" was the closest texture in SketchUp that matched... and i totally didn't notice that the wood pattern was the wrong direction (i left it the default direction, i didn't think to change it... that's easily fixable, though)

and i so did work on most of it at home! :)
Anonymous said…
Looks good, Jeremy!!!!

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