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magnetic carriages!!!

so like, yea! time for an update! today's entry into awesomeness: a review of a store! :-p

Store in Question: Ikea - Stoughton, MA

So ok, we went on a tax-free holiday... but still, it took about 10 minutes to get a parking spot... i hear that on busy days, that's NOT A LONG WAIT! :-/ ... this is the first warning sign.

so we finally park, we go in... i grab (out of habit) a little "store guide" thing... which has a page for writing down things you are interested in (turns out to be needed/useful, more on that later)... but mostly it just has a map... this isn't just for looks, people...USE THE MAP OR YOU WILL GET LOST!!!

so yes, you wander around, you go "OMG THIS IS SO CHEAP" a lot (keeping in mind... do NOT expect a computer desk that costs $19.99 be built of anything other than particle board.. and notice, the word "effect" after "birch"... IT ISN'T EVEN VENEER, IT'S LIKE PAINT-CRAP! ... but they look nice... AND IT'S A…