magnetic carriages!!!

so like, yea! time for an update! today's entry into awesomeness: a review of a store! :-p

Store in Question: Ikea - Stoughton, MA

So ok, we went on a tax-free holiday... but still, it took about 10 minutes to get a parking spot... i hear that on busy days, that's NOT A LONG WAIT! :-/ ... this is the first warning sign.

so we finally park, we go in... i grab (out of habit) a little "store guide" thing... which has a page for writing down things you are interested in (turns out to be needed/useful, more on that later)... but mostly it just has a map... this isn't just for looks, people...USE THE MAP OR YOU WILL GET LOST!!!

so yes, you wander around, you go "OMG THIS IS SO CHEAP" a lot (keeping in mind... do NOT expect a computer desk that costs $19.99 be built of anything other than particle board.. and notice, the word "effect" after "birch"... IT ISN'T EVEN VENEER, IT'S LIKE PAINT-CRAP! ... but they look nice... AND IT'S A DESK FOR $20!!!

so let's say you want said computer for $20... but out in the main part of the store, they only have the displays!... so you write down the aisle/bin # listed on the tag... (remember that sheet to write down things you want?) ...and at the end of the store (downstairs...yes, it's 2 levels, you start upstairs and work around the paths)... you get to the Self-Serve Funriture Area: a warehouse section the size of MOST RETAIL STORES, where you go find the boxes to the stuff you want... then you go buy stuff :)

other notes: the restaurant had good prices, tho i didn't try eating anything, we spent enough time there as it was :-p

the carriages had a few interesting things: all 4 wheels can turn 360 degrees, so you can POWERSLIDE with those babys... WOOOO!

the carriages also had these weird round discs mounted up against one side of each wheel... at first i thought they were to give enough friction so that the wheels would always turn whichever way you tried to go... but on the way out, i realized what they actually were...

see, on the way out, unless you take the elevators to get back to the parking garage, you take the carriage down an escalator RAMP... which is hot, but i had been worried about errant carriages running people down... BUT THOSE DISCS ARE MAGNETS!!! so yea, once you walk onto the escalator ramp, the carriage locks itself down... it was quite hot! MAGNETIC CARRIAGES BABY!!!

summary of ikea: don't go when it's busy... expect to spend 2+ hours there... but overall, the store is quite clean, and they have a TON of stuff...

overall rating: cool_store++


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