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my roots are made of grass

Although I have been known to proclaim the heart-felt joys of Podcasts for some time now, I generally do not suggest any particular one (other than suggesting new ones for people already "in the know", on occasion).

I am now making an exception to that.

Brave Men Run, a podiobook by Matthew Wayne Selznick, is the best audiobook I believe I have ever listened to. And, since podiobooks are the best thing to happen to podcasts since XML, I think it's my favorite podcast of all time!

And I've only heard 3 episodes so far!

Basically, I would summarize the story as "it's like x-men...but with real people". It is a novel "of the sovereign era"... the "sovereigns" are basically the "mutants"...humans with extra, or enhanced, abilities. The story revolves around a high-school kid named Nate...and he really seems like a real high-school kid. The story is well written, I can relate to the characters well... I'm definitely enjoyin…