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Racers, start your engines!

F1 Boston was quite cool....not quite as hot as i had hoped, but i'm definately glad i went (a big shout to paul, who i'm sure will never read this, whom i went was cool!...and a "sorry meyng" shoutout to denton, who i had thought i was going to go with until like the last minute...we'll figure out something else to do at some point....)

but yea...coolness...the cars were uhhh hard as hell to control (well, if you wanted to go around the corners with anything resembling "control" or "speed", at least, and if you didn't want to hit the walls... :-P ) didn't help that EVERY PERSON we raced against had done it several times before :-P

but we had yea, it was good.

oh and yea...they are seriously (as paul put it quite eloquently).. "bumper cars with balls"....there was this bumper-guard thing all the way around them, so your wheels couldn't even hit anything....the worst we saw happen (other than the occa…

You Are Smart

ok so i don't even HAVE the game...and i'm hooked on the music from it...for two days i've had "kata-mari dama-sheee" stuck in my head (which is how it's pronounced in track 3 of the soundtrack, "Katamari on the Rock [Intro Movie]"...but seriously, this music owns me so much...i can't wait to get this game...

i'm talking, of course, of Katamari Damacy (pronounced as above, but without the drawn-out syllables)...for more information, try googling's everywhere :-p

how do ya like THEM apples?

Marino Lookout Farm is quite a hot place...

this past saturday was my second time there (1st was last year)....they have more fruit (and indeed, more KINDS of fruit) than i thought a place has any right to contain...$4 gets you a train pass-thingy (stamp on your hand) need the "train" to get around the place, cuz of how HUGE it is....we seriously were almost LOST at times, trying to figure out how to get out of the trees and back to the "train" route...(i use the quotes cuz it LOOKS kinda like a trolly-like train, but the "engine" up front just has like a diesel engine or something (ie it's a truck), and it all runs on wheels, not a track...but it's still hot...

anyway, yea...i came away with like 11 pounds of fruit (at $1.50/lb.) (including like 3 or 4 types of apples, some asian pears, and some plums...) some (AWESOME) apple cider...we had "gelato" (italian ice cream, apparently) was very good...and i got some grapes (w…

hottest invasion of privacy EVER

some random guy found a random memory card in a has like 227 pics, spanning a year (based on timestamps) he's posting 1 a day, and making up stories/names to go with them all....


[Update, 9/21/04 - 9:30am
He appears to have taken down most of the site. He says he hasn't heard from the owner of the card, but has taken it down "pre-emtively"...i'm guessing perhaps some of the other people in the pictures e-mailed him, or just a general backlash from people who got pissed at it, or something (it got a lot of traffic after being highlighted in /. )

If you missed missed it!]