Racers, start your engines!

F1 Boston was quite cool....not quite as hot as i had hoped, but i'm definately glad i went (a big shout to paul, who i'm sure will never read this, whom i went with...it was cool!...and a "sorry meyng" shoutout to denton, who i had thought i was going to go with until like the last minute...we'll figure out something else to do at some point....)

but yea...coolness...the cars were uhhh hard as hell to control (well, if you wanted to go around the corners with anything resembling "control" or "speed", at least, and if you didn't want to hit the walls... :-P )....it didn't help that EVERY PERSON we raced against had done it several times before :-P

but we had fun...so yea, it was good.

oh and yea...they are seriously (as paul put it quite eloquently).. "bumper cars with balls"....there was this bumper-guard thing all the way around them, so your wheels couldn't even hit anything....the worst we saw happen (other than the occasional-and-expected spin-out) was someone somehow getting UNDER the bumper/wall-things made of tires....they just stopped the other cars, had him get out...then just pulled his car out from under the tires, started it back up, and he was on his way (and no, that wasn't during our race...we had to wait for over 2 hours before we got to race :-p)

but yes...quite hot...and quite not-scary, if you ask me.... ;)

i'd love to go back (tho not THAT often, especially at 20-something bucks a shot)...but yea, coolness :)



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