how do ya like THEM apples?

Marino Lookout Farm is quite a hot place...

this past saturday was my second time there (1st was last year)....they have more fruit (and indeed, more KINDS of fruit) than i thought a place has any right to contain...$4 gets you a train pass-thingy (stamp on your hand) need the "train" to get around the place, cuz of how HUGE it is....we seriously were almost LOST at times, trying to figure out how to get out of the trees and back to the "train" route...(i use the quotes cuz it LOOKS kinda like a trolly-like train, but the "engine" up front just has like a diesel engine or something (ie it's a truck), and it all runs on wheels, not a track...but it's still hot...

anyway, yea...i came away with like 11 pounds of fruit (at $1.50/lb.) (including like 3 or 4 types of apples, some asian pears, and some plums...) some (AWESOME) apple cider...we had "gelato" (italian ice cream, apparently) was very good...and i got some grapes (which i've yet to try)...

last night kim and kristin made a couple apple pies (which came out GREAT, using their mom's recipe ;) )....we also made some caramel apples, which i've yet to try :-P

so yea....HOT! :)


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