"A NEW CAR!!!!"

So here it is, my new car!  (and by "new", I mean "NEW!")  It's an '09 Ford Fusion, in "tuxedo black" (it might not show up in the pictures, but it sparkles in direct sunlight).  It has a dark grey interior, is quite spacious inside, and came with 6 free months of Sirius satellite radio!  I am quite happy to report that it has an auxiliary audio jack, so I no longer need a cassette adapter to listen to my mp3 player!  And of course, it has power windows, locks, power drivers seat, etc...

Take a look for yourself, here it is! :-)

And to answer your question: you can see it/ride in it whenever I see you next (whoever happens to be asking).  And no, you can't drive it (at least, not yet).


ripkil said…
Two things.
1) In the top picture, you've apparently cloned your car. So, congrats on both getting a new car, and solving that cloning thing.

2) Dibs on the cassette adapter, since I still rock 1980's technology in my car. :P
JeremyVS said…
1) i've been renting an '08 fusion, which was still in my driveway at the time.. sadly, not a clone (if i could clone cars, i would just take one for a test drive, and BAM... no need to purchase it!)

2) it's all yours!

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