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Dr Horrible is awesome!

Seriously, you need to go watch this! It's free, but only for a limited time! (Acts 1 & 2 are already up, 3 goes up THIS SATURDAY, and then on SUNDAY, JULY 20th, they come down (at midnight). SO GO WATCH, it's super funny and awesome! (and it's by Joss Whedon, which should really be the only reason you need)


new character

So I thought up this character this morning... I doubt I'll ever use him in a story (but you never know!), so I wanted him to at least be recorded somewhere.

Name: The Engineer (true identity to be determined!)
Appearance: A fairly large, well-built man (I see him as looking something like Mr. T, but without all the gold chains). He wears a railroad Conductor's cap (and yet he is called the Engineer! can't you already see the fans getting into huge arguments about why this doesn't match?? :-D )
Age: Probably upper 30s or so.
Catchy-slogan-that-he-uses-way-too-often: "Who wants a ticket to the pain train?"

I am not sure if he's a "good guy" or a "bad guy" (perhaps he borders the line? I have no idea, it was early in the morning, and I wasn't thinking straight).

Anyway, that's it... I just felt like sharing!