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Magnetica DS DEMO Review

Ok, so yeah a review of a demo is kinda lame, but I played it for a while yesterday, and I figured I'd say what I thought.

Premise: Magnetica is a puzzle game... a random assortment of marbles are sliding down a track, and somewhere within that path (always near the end point) you have a little launcher-thingy, from which you can fire off new marbles. Using the stylus, you flick the marbles where you want them to go, and off they fly! Get three marbles of the same color together, and they vanish. If the lead marble on the track reaches the end-point, it's GAME OVER!

Gameplay: As puzzle games go, this one isn't too bad... if you have groups of like-colored marbles, seperated by others, you can remove the ones in between, and the "magnetic attraction" will pull the similar ones together, creating chain-reactions ("chains"). However, that's about the only "extra" move you can do... you're just flicking marbles at other marbles, until yo…

time-wasting you get ranked on!

various solitaire "challenges" (predetermined card-layout, randomly generated)... fun to waste a few minutes if you want :) ... Klondike, draw-1, go through the deck as much as you like, no undo.
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keeps on getting better...

So i got a DS Lite, and all... and i have a couple games, and they're good... but i was like "hey this thing has wireless.. i have no wifi games, so what can i use it for?

and behold, the answer:

so i walk over to the EB next door (yes, next door) and i stand outside (i would have had a better signal inside, but i have been inside there the past 2 days straight, i don't want to start a pattern)...

so i hook up to the "DS Download Station", and i get a list to pick from... so i download the demo to Meteos, and it's pretty fun... not OMG SO HOT, but fun... prolly worth $20, if i feel in the mood to pick it up at some point

but yea. i downloaded a demo. for my handheld console. WITH my handheld console.

how hot is that?!

for those who care, the demo goes away once i turn off the console... however, if you just flip the thing shut, it goes into power-saving "sleep mode", and can stay that way for like …