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"A NEW CAR!!!!"

So here it is, my new car!  (and by "new", I mean "NEW!")  It's an '09 Ford Fusion, in "tuxedo black" (it might not show up in the pictures, but it sparkles in direct sunlight).  It has a dark grey interior, is quite spacious inside, and came with 6 free months of Sirius satellite radio!  I am quite happy to report that it has an auxiliary audio jack, so I no longer need a cassette adapter to listen to my mp3 player!  And of course, it has power windows, locks, power drivers seat, etc...

Take a look for yourself, here it is! :-)

And to answer your question: you can see it/ride in it whenever I see you next (whoever happens to be asking).  And no, you can't drive it (at least, not yet).