Thursday, October 04, 2007

Story: SM-7536: Part 3

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Another report, this one by a policeman helping with the emergency evacuations, gives some of the details of the final approach of the object.

So I was out there, ya see, helping to direct traffic for the evacuees, and things was going pretty smooth-like. And everyone was a little panicky, driving a little crazy-like, but that's to be expected, what with the impending doom and all. So anyway there I was, out directing traffic, like I says, and off in the distance I see a strange glowing kinda thing, up in the sky... at first I didn't pay it no mind, because everyone knows that meteors burn up in the air and all, so I didn't think it was nothing to worry about. But it kept getting closer and closer, and and bigger and bigger, and pretty soon everyone started seeing it too, even in their cars, and folks was getting mighty desperate to get out of there, cuz it looked like it was headin' right for us. Now, I won't say I was a hero or nuthin, cuz I ain't, but I didn't abandon my traffic-directin', no I did not. See, I figured that if I could see it that clearly already, there was no way I could get away from it anyway, so what's the point in leaving what I was supposed to be doing?

Anyway, it kept coming closer, and getting lower, and it was definitely not burning up or nothing, it was all like glowing and shiny, like a newly polished pearl, only huge of course, and heading right for town. Around this time, most people started just abandoning their cars, and running away, tho I really don't know where they think they was heading that was gonna help, ya know?

So then, I could see that it was slowing down, as it got closer, see... and I didn't think that was really normal, but I wasn't worried too much about its speed, cuz I figured we was all dead anyway. But it kept slowing down, and slowing down, and finally it got over the center of town, right over the square, see... and it stopped moving! It just sorta sat there, up in the sky, and then it slowly started lowering itself down, like it was coming in for a landing! I felt for sure I was gonna meet some aliens, that I did!

As I was sayin', it kept lowering itself down, a lot slower than you'd expect, and when it was about about as high as a house, it stopped. It didn't' slow down no more or anything: it was moving, and then it just wasn't moving no more.

So at this point, I kinda realized that the cars I was directing, didn't have no more people in them, so I was kinda just wasting my time. So I started walking over towards the meteor, or whatever it was, and it was so pretty. So very pretty. It kept glittering, and I think it was rotating around a little, real slow-like. And there was all so many beautiful colors on it, all swirling around, like ripples on a pond, only prettier. And there was reds, and blues, and yellows, and other colors I don't even think we have words for yet, and they was swirling around... and the colors, oh they was so pretty, they were just swirling around so nice...

The rest of the officer's report devolved into incoherent ramblings about the sight of the object, and he was subsequently treated for acute psychosis, brought on by excessive mental trauma and extreme stress. Regardless, this remains the most detailed, close-up description of the object, both during and immediately after its “landing” maneuver.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Story: SM-7536: Part 2

Confused? Start here: Story: SM-7536: Part 1

From a report filed by an officer of the National Guard, regarding the events she witnessed in the early morning of Friday, June 12th, 2015.

My unit approached the most populated area in our designated target zone, bringing with us as many empty troop-carrier trucks as we managed to find before heading out. We went in as fast as possible, with the desperate hope that we would be able to load up our trucks with anyone and everyone we came across, and then rush them back out of the area as quickly as possible, hopefully getting them out of the area about to be destroyed by the incoming meteor.

En route to our destination, we received radio communications, indicating that the meteor was beginning to slow down as it approached the surface. This made very little sense to us, however it did mean we had that much more time to save as many people as possible.

We had fully loaded two of our trucks, and sent them heading out of the risk-area. On approaching our next designated way point, we saw something strange in the sky overhead. Far above us, something seemed to... shimmer faintly, as it passed by us. Our radio had been filled with nothing but interference for a while, something we had anticipated as the electromagnetic effects of the meteor's approach affected us, so we could neither report it at the time, nor ask what we might be seeing. The object passed overhead, although its progress was difficult to track directly... we couldn't actually see it, the air in its vicinity just seemed to glow and shake. After it passed us, we went back to work, intent on our objectives.

The above report is the earliest reliable eye-witness account of the passage of the meteor. While not viewed directly, its passage overhead was detectable from the ground at this point, its outer core, as mentioned previously, having burned away after entry into the atmosphere.