keeps on getting better...

So i got a DS Lite, and all... and i have a couple games, and they're good... but i was like "hey this thing has wireless.. i have no wifi games, so what can i use it for?

and behold, the answer:

so i walk over to the EB next door (yes, next door) and i stand outside (i would have had a better signal inside, but i have been inside there the past 2 days straight, i don't want to start a pattern)...

so i hook up to the "DS Download Station", and i get a list to pick from... so i download the demo to Meteos, and it's pretty fun... not OMG SO HOT, but fun... prolly worth $20, if i feel in the mood to pick it up at some point

but yea. i downloaded a demo. for my handheld console. WITH my handheld console.

how hot is that?!

for those who care, the demo goes away once i turn off the console... however, if you just flip the thing shut, it goes into power-saving "sleep mode", and can stay that way for like a WEEK (on a full battery)... and of course you can still recharge it while it's like that... so i pretty much have the demo until i decide to play one of my other games on it


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