Photo Importing heaven

So now that my computer is rebuilt and better than ever (tm), I was finally able to empty out the memory card that had been sitting around, waiting for a computer to put the pictures on. However, i realized something, that i had taken for granted before: i used to use Canon ZoomBrowser EX for copying my pictures from the memory card, even after i had lost my canon camera and have been using my wife's sony; ZoomBrowser EX, by default, creates folders based on the date each picture was TAKEN, in the format "YYYY_MM_DD", which is instantly sorted chronologically (unlike "MM_DD_YYYY", which sorts by MONTH and date, but not by year).

However, i could no longer find the CD with ZoomBrowser EX on it. (and in truth, it's a kinda slow and bulky program, and i far more enjoy using Google's Picasa 3 for looking at my pictures, plus it has great editing features, like simply red eye removal).

So, i went in search of another program to import my pictures from my memory card, in the way i wanted them copied.... and honestly, it was very hard to find! Picasa itself does not do it (you can choose the destination, but it's for ALL the pictures you import); the software that came with our sony automatically puts them into a folder, with the date of the day you are IMPORTING THEM... which honestly, is the stupidest way to sort pictures EVER (in my opinion, of course!).

Anyway, after much googling and googling and screaming and a little bit of mild cursing, i found a solution! The "Digital Image Mover" (DIM) is a program by a guy called Alan Light (i know that because his website is his name); it's a small java program, and it's SOLE PURPOSE it so copy pictures from one location to another; it is very customizable and has some great options: it can create a backup copy on another disk/location for you as it copies to your main destination, for one, which is great. You can totally customize the folder structure it uses, based on the EXIF data (the data your camera automatically embeds within the picture file); so you could have nested folders (i.e. 2009\01\25), or you can have folders like i prefer (2009_01_25); you can have it rename the pictures as it copies them (based on many different things)... etc, etc!

So basically, i'm trying to say that if you want to have a great, simple program that just copies your pictures over for you, but does it really well, then GO GET DIM!


Alan said…
Thanks for the kind words.
-Alan Light

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