what did YOU do on monday evening?

me? i got in an accident!  (but both people involved are fine!)

for the record, it was totally not my fault (the police even say so), and my car's totaled (just got the semi-official word on that tonight, so not sure on what value they will offer me yet)

summary: i was driving down Rt 138 in raynham, and another driver tried to cross over from a side-street on the right, to a gas station on the left.... and didn't see me right in the way, so they nailed the side of my car!

so basically, i've spent the week on the phone a million times, and 3 stops at the police station!

/me has to go car shopping now!


Bill Gauch said…
You could always buy it back from the insurance company. Then, a couple trips to the junk yard will fix it up nicely. Of course, that goes based on what you said the damage was. From the picture, though, it does look like there is a battle scar on the quarter panel, and there may be some pillar damage. Still, you should be able to make it function and look somewhat OK for just a few hundred.

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