comments about Pocket Civ

Astute observers (or people who follow me on twitter, or via my twitter rss feed) saw that I said, back on Monday, that I would be posting a played-once review, that evening, on Pocket Civ. The astute observer would also have noted, I didn't do so! However, it is not because I failed to play... I just haven't finished the game yet!

I played for about 30-45 minutes monday evening (my first attempt at the game)... my first few turns were spent flipping back and forth through the rules, and trying to figure out what manner of advancements/actions (very few of which are available at first) would actually progress my civilization (example: my last turn before stopping for the evening, I finally built my first city :-P). I do plan on continuing that game (perhaps tonight), and even after just that bit of time playing, I was starting to get more of a hang of how it was going... my first few turns were all rules-flipping and record-keeping, and not all that fun, but building some farms, and then a city, definitely started things moving; I expect it to be more enjoyable as I keep going. Expect more comments, and perhaps a full review, after I have completed my game... whenever that happens to be!


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