Story: SM-7536: Part 1


Being a full and complete recording of the events related to Study Material 7536 (SM-7536).
Beginning in the year 2015 A.D., and extending to include all appropriate time periods and intervals.
Record follows.

The meteor was first detected by an observatory in Australia, and given a non-memorable designation. It's expected trajectory was to take it past Jupitor, pass “close” to Earth (in solar terms), and then after a hook around the Sun, it would leave our Solar System, never to be seen again. This, of course, did not happen quite as expected.

As more and more observatories picked up the watch it, its course seemed to change. It first swung away from Jupiter, as if attempting to avoid its gravity well. Then, it cut violently back across the sky, swung around Jupiter, and hurled away on its new trajectory. This new path would, without any doubts, hurl it directly into Earth.

Once news of the impending impact reached the media, the story exploded across the news mediums. CNNBC’s well-known “World Events Blog" (WEB) carried the most detailed and up-to-date records of the approach of the meteor, and its effect on humans the world over. Amongst the varied doomsday stories provided elsewhere, were just as many questioning what the various world governments were going to do about it. It was soon apparent that there was absolutely nothing that anyone could do about it.

The meteor entered Earth's atmosphere at approximately 2:13am, local time, over New York City. The fireball of its super-heated entry was viewable across most of the eastern and central United States. Military and civilian radar stations located nearby tracked it continuously, and plotted its course, predicting the location of its devastating, inevitable touch-down. This location is believed to have been Charleston, South Carolina, however there are some conflicting reports regarding this matter.

While unexplainable at the time, it is now known that the sudden disappearance to the naked eye of the object while on its way to the surface, was due to the outer core finally burning away. The inner material, being far more resistant to heat, friction, and in fact nearly all other physical energies, did not burn. Radar continued to track it, until it finally dropped too low for radar to follow. Local forces, including police and a portion of the National Guard, rushed towards its expected landing point, hoping to be able to evacuate at least a portion of the population living in the area. What they found there stunned them all.


Bill Gauch said…
Well, crap. I didn't challenge you to write a better story than mine. Jerk!

Anyway, good stuff so far. I look forward to part 2. Sadly, I probably won't get a chance to write more story until Sunday, so part 1 probably won't appear until Monday.

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