well THAT was a dissapointment...

Note to self. In fact, note to everyone anywhere in, near, or possibly visiting, New England.

DO. NOT. GO...

to the Boston ChowderFest...unless, and until, they figure out how to RUN ONE.

Reports indicate that the recent 'fest in Newport, RI, had over 30 restaurants on-site, showing off their chowder ( http://www.newportfestivals.com/Chowder_Cook_Off/ ).

How many did Boston have, you ask? Surely they have a large number, being a large city, central in New England, with tons of restaurants in the area, you say.

You would be wrong.

Very, very wrong.

The grand number, my friends, is not "over 30"...it's not "close to thirty".

Hell, it isn't even double-digits.

The number...is 3.

But wait! It gets BETTER! One of the three (the group that WON THE VOTE FOR BEST CHOWDER LAST YEAR!)...ran out of chowder. Less than half-way through the event.

All I have to say is: when the booth giving out free samples of baked beans is better than your main event... you are doing something very, very wrong.


Sandy said…
Oh, I was expecting a long description of how awesome it was! Sorry it stunk, guess you guys should just stick with Newport!

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